ECOCAPITAL is located in Phu Tho province, a gate linking between the region rich with forests where good processing has been benefited most.  Our main activity is production of massive edge glued panels from horsetail pine, white cedar, earleaf acasia, river red gum and other types of wood.

We operate in an eco-system through-out the whole environmentally friendly but highest industrial standard production process from the beginning of processing the wood to the products for end-users. Our factory annual capacity is over 6,000 m3 of massive wooden edge glued panels of 18-65 mm in thickness per year, approximately 80% of which are finger joint panels and around 20% are one ply laminated panels.  The final products include commissioned furniture, as well as doors. We also produce staircase components (treads, handrails, balusters etc.). Our final products include an exclusive line of products for home made by skillful hands of our carpenters and marketed under The ECOCAPITAL.

Since the company was built on carpentry tradition of the region of North of Vietnam, its corporate culture and business activities are based on the conscious concern for the wooden resources and nature in general and in environmentally friendly technologies in particular.

Committed to preserving the beauty and health of the environment where we operate, we use Wood for production originates from the forests managed according to environmental and economic standards and all our products fulfill the criteria to FSC®certificate.

We live, save and grow with the nature.

Our products are

– Lamellas glued together at an engineered joint

– Natural beauty and character of timber

– Unfinished


– Interior design

– Furniture components

– High end interior design

– Kitchen work surfaces

– Table tops

Primed Finger Joint Boards

This Clear Finger Joint Primed Pine is a perfect product for many uses, a great product for painting. Some of the many uses are fascia, corner boards, trim base molding, furniture parts, shelving, cabinets etc. It is pre-primed with two coats of high quality factory applied primer. There are no knots to bleed through final top coat of paint.

This Clear Finger Joint Primed Pine can be used for interior and exterior uses, separating it from many other products. It also has better stability than many fake wood products. It repaints better than most fake wood products.

This product is ideal for applications requiring durable, knot-free trim boards for above-ground use.

Finger-joint Panels

Finger-joint panels are single-layer panels made of best natural wood. Because the finished panels are strong and keep their shape well, it is ideal for high quality furniture and interior decoration such as staircases and window frames. Lamellas made from these broad-leaved tree species are glued together along their whole width and length, forming large blocks. Prior to manufacturing, the lamellas are dried to the same humidity as the finished product. The result is a product that looks great and performs better than solid wood.